Students in labcoats looking at a beaker with green liquid.

Office of Student Research


Undergraduate Research


Graduate Research

As part of the University's mission, students are encouraged to take advantage of the University's excellent faculty-student ratio and conducive research environment to learn through true hands-on opportunities. For Duquesne students, these research opportunities have paid off in top national honors such as Fulbright, Goldwater and Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation scholarships.

Most student research starts with a professor and a particular interest in a project, but the Office of Research staff can provide additional guidance, especially for those heading into national and international competitions and conferences. See how students learn from and inspire others in each of Duquesne's schools.


Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium

Graduate Student Research Symposium

Encouraging Young Researchers

duquesne students are encouraged to reach out to the community and complement their formal education by creating and sharing new knowledge for the greater good.

体育彩票投注网360彩票the a joint venture between duquesne university and urban innovation 21, offers laboratory experiences in life sciences to high school students who otherwise might not experience hands-on science. duquesne graduate students provide instruction and experiences.

duquesne also works with , which encourages promising high school students to continue in science education.