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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning July 6th thru August 10th, the Office of Financial Aid will have a limited number of staff working on-campus, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. With a high volume of calls and the reduction of on-campus staffing, please utilize our office email, faoffice@jazsprays.com to address your concerns. Please provide your student name, student ID and phone number. A Financial Aid representative will return your call/email as requested.

If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact the Student Accounts office at: studentaccounts@jazsprays.com体育彩票投注网360彩票 following the same protocol. Thank you for your patience.

Duquesne University is more affordable than you might think. Don't just take our word for it. Independent sources - including  and   - all rank Duquesne as a best value university.

体育彩票投注网360彩票99% of freshmen receive some form of financial assistance. we invest $79.5 million in our undergraduate students each year through university-based scholarships, and total aid from all sources exceeds $195 million.

you'll get solid career preparation, real-world skills and a foundation of ethics that will make you stand out. an investment in a duquesne education pays dividends over a lifetime.


Applying for Financial Aid

All you need to do is complete your (FAFSA) and Duquesne's Financial Aid Application. You will then be considered for any financial aid that you are eligible for.

  • You do not have to apply separately for other grants and scholarships that Duquesne administers.
  • After we calculate the financial aid you are eligible for (your aid package), you will receive an award letter explaining your grants and loans.
  • You and your parents may still have to apply for independent loans from a bank or other lender to "bridge" the gap between your financial aid package and your expected family contribution. Or you may want to consider our payment plan option.

 Financial Aid Application Process:

Undergraduate | Graduate and Law 

Calculating Eligibility

Calculating your Financial Aid Eligibility

体育彩票投注网360彩票financial aid is money that you are given (grants, scholarships) or borrow (loans) to pay for college -- tuition, room, meals and fees.

The amount of need-based aid you receive is determined by subtracting your family's ability to pay for your educational expenses for the year (as determined from the FAFSA) from your estimated total costs for the year.

Cost of Attendance* - Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive is then determined by your financial need.

*The Cost of Attendance for a student is an estimate of that student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment.; the cost of attendance varies by program and is updated each May.

Most Frequent Requests

Most Frequent Requests